Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ever thought of the perfect girl?

Ever thought of the perfect girl? Friendly, happy, fun, talkative, open, honest, happy to show affection, wants to treat you right. I am that all over. I want to find Mr Right, the one who I can show how much love I have for some one. I dont want to rush things. I want to enjoy the finer points of a relationship. I enjoy movies, laying on the couch cuddled up on a rainy day watching a good movie is ideal. Love walks, drives, beach, reading, having a few drinks with my friends, and family. I cant say I am the typical female, deffinately have my own traits about me which makes me unique. But I guess to find out how unique, talk to me. I dont want some one who is after one thing and thinks thats the basis of a relationship. I want some one who is sweet, caring, loving, wants to spend time with me, but also wants their own time. I want some one who likes being cared for, and who isnt scared to show love for the other person. I know its prince charming, and I know I will find him out there!

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ahmEd_H said...

I'm sure one day you will find him because he is already search for you