Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm still very young

I'm a 20 yrold blue eyed blonde (sometimes brown) haired girl. I'm 5'7 and have an average build.. i guess lol. I'm looking at career in photography, nursing, or law. But right now I'm just enjoying life. Its amazing. I live a stress free lifestyle and tend to just go with the flow. Life is only as dramatic as you make, so no drama pleeeease. I'm looking for someone that is hilarious and just awesome to hang out with in general. Most week nights I like to stay in and rent movies or go for walks. On the weekends I usually go to the bar and have a drink or 5, depends on the crowd. I'm a swinger, I would love to participate in wifeswitch with my partner one day. I'm doing the whole health freak thing to lately so it would be great to meet others that enjoy that sorta thing. I'm very easy going and very unpicky, unless we're dealing with food. I love traveling and hope to do more of it soon!

Drop me a line.

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